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The ingredients for Good Movie Sex are: dramatic kissing, flashes of skin in the dark, a sexy musical overture, the art of implication, and walking around draped in a sheet afterward which I am convinced nobody has ever done. Truly realistic sexual imagery is, unfortunately, hard to come by in mainstream film, which almost always lacks the nuance, communication, and awkward clean-up that inevitably happens in real life sex. But there are a few sexy diamonds in the rough. To help you find them, here are 11 movies that you can stream right now with better depictions of sex than you probably saw in your sex ed class. Streaming on Netflix.

11 Super Realistic Movie Sex Scenes You Can Stream Right TF Now

14 'Bridgerton' Sex Scenes - Netflix's New Series 'Bridgerton' Sex Scenes

Netflix is a trove of films and TV shows that span subject, genre, and time, making the sexiest movies on Netflix somewhat hard to find. But its supply of erotic movies with the best sex scenes is well-worth digging into, and we recommend you start here. Below, peruse our list of 16 movies that feature some of the best sex scenes on Netflix. Are you looking for high-quality cinema with some sad and sultry lovemaking? Carol is the obvious choice.

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Christian Grey and Anastasia Steele are heating up theaters with "Fifty Shades of Grey" — but they're far from the only on-screen pair to scorch the screen. From sweet first kisses to torrid affairs, the movies have always depicted 50 shades of sex and romance. And since it's the movies, these steamy encounters are rarely boring.
I mean, come on. It's one of the most seductive movies and scenes ever. In this particular scene, he's desperate for attention, so their close whispers and dirty talk lead to him fingering the woman in public and then parading it around in hopes of getting her boyfriend angry. It's a haunting, sexy, and vulnerable scene.

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