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Fart in friends face

154 5 months ago
Kendra Colwell 19 was practicing doing cartwheels with her boyfriend Joe Sliwoski in Mooresville US , but right in the middle of it she farted in his face. He was pretty shocked at first, but straight afterwards both of them couldn't stop laughing. Scared husband's hilarious scream BuzzVideos Vacuuming a dog has never been more satisfying! BuzzVideos Trio of cats mesmerized by children playing with ball BuzzVideos Cat has great fun playing ball with owner BuzzVideos Woman tumbles from chair face first into bushes BuzzVideos Employee scares boss in workplace BuzzVideos Huskies start howling at the idea of a walk BuzzVideos Thirsty cats have tap water licked BuzzVideos Sister tests her twin's reflexes in all sorts of ways BuzzVideos Little boy charms his sweetheart with request for date BuzzVideos Young man hits fly with Nerf gun BuzzVideos Gender revelation ends badly for those filming BuzzVideos Dad converts mobility scooter into postman van BuzzVideos Adorable squirrel falls asleep in owner's hand BuzzVideos Shepherd dog works remotely using laptop BuzzVideos. Found the story interesting? Like us on Facebook to see similar stories.

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Well it's a blunder but you know what, if he loved you for you, he wouldn't care. Without knowing your boy i'll risk an assumption, he is only interested in the sexual aspect of your relationship if this turns him off. Maybe women should fart in all their boyfriends faces, a good way to filter out the bad ones.
Everyone has an embarrassing fart story. You know the one that just slips out at the worst possible time. Go ahead and share your most cringe-worthy fart story you are among friends!

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